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Give your trusted partner power of attorney

In cases of incapacitation, ambiguity and differing opinions are the enemy. By setting up a power of attorney, you are entrusting one person to be your legal voice and make important decisions on your behalf. It is a great responsibility, but it can provide your family with a single way forward. Let us set up a power of attorney for you.

Establishing guardianship is especially important for your estate planning if you are leaving behind under-aged children or establishing guardianship for yourself in case that you are somehow incapacitated. Uncontested guardianship is a fairly straightforward legal process we would be happy to help you establish.

Obtain guardianship to care for a loved one

More limited in scope and the timeframe involved, a conservatorship is established by the courts when a loved one is temporarily unable to make legal decisions for themselves. With the help of our attorney, you can petition the court for conservatorship.

Help the courts choose the right conservatorship

When you have someone in your life that you trust completely, let them act on your behalf when you need them the most!

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